Wheat Initiative calls for experts to join expert working group on wheat phenotyping to support wheat Improvement

10th Feb 2014

The Wheat Initiative has a call for experts to populate an Expert Working Group focused on Wheat Phenotyping to Support Wheat Improvement.


Aims and objectives

To deliver advice and recommendations to address specific research priorities to the Research Committee and/or Institutions' Coordination Committee

To reduce the gap between genomics and phenotyping for wheat improvement by supporting and strengthening research initiatives, as well as by developing new technologies focused on wheat phenotyping on an international scale

To promote collaborations and exchange of expertise in wheat phenotyping

To enhance the integration of phenotyping into breeding and genomics programs

To engage experts from non-plant disciplines in wheat phenotyping

To support training and capacity building



This call is open to members and non-members of the Wheat Initiative.


How to apply 

All experts wishing to apply should complete an application form and send it to wheat.initiative@versailles.inra.fr.


For further information about this opportunity and the application process, please visit: the BBSRC and Wheat Initiative websites.

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