Time taken for GM approval causing problems for the farming industry

14th Nov 2012

EuropaBio, the Brussels-based loby group for the biotechnology industry, has said that the delay in approving genetically modified (GM) products in Europe is causing significant problems for the farming industry.

In a position paper published on 5 November, EuropaBio accuses the European Commission of “routinely” delaying decisions on products that have been declared safe by independent scientists and are approved for use in the United States.

According to EuropaBio, there is a backlog of approvals awaiting decisions by the Commission, which it says is disrupting trade with the US and contributing to rising food prices that prevent EU farmers being competitive on the international market.

“Unless the EU changes the pace of its approvals, the total number of products waiting can be expected to increase to over 100 in 2015,” said the association.

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