Review Article: Interplay between sugar and hormone signaling pathways modulate floral signal transduction

13th Aug 2014

Sugars regulate juvenility and floral signal transduction through their function as energy sources, osmotic regulators and signaling molecules. Interestingly, sugar signaling has been shown to involve extensive connections with phytohormone signaling. This includes interactions with phytohormones that are also important for the orchestration of developmental phase transitions, including gibberellins, abscisic acid, ethylene, and brassinosteroids.

This review article highlights the potential roles of sugar-hormone interactions in regulation of floral signal transduction, with particular emphasis on Arabidopsis thaliana mutant phenotypes, and suggests possible directions for future research.

Ianis G. Matsoukas, Frontiers in Genetics 5:218, doi: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00218

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