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Euroglas All Glass Fibre Platform Steps To EN131

The Euroglas Platform Steps are manufactured to the same high specification as the Euroglas Stepladder.

The main difference between the Euroglas Stepladder and the Euroglas Platform Step is the large broad fibreglass non-slip standing platform, which will take a safe working load of 150kg.

Ladder Classification EN131This all fibreglass platform step complies with the American ANSI 14.5 standard, European EN131 standard and the British ESI 13-1 standard.

The platform size for all sizes of EGPS Platform Steps is 350mm x 495mm x 300mm.

Please note this item is custom manufactured - please allow approximately 10 working days for production. If you require a quicker delivery please contact us and we will do our best to expedite your order.

Please note that the relative sizes of platform steps are often specified by their tread count - platform steps traditionally count the main platform as a tread. For example a four tread platform step consists of three treads plus the main platform, (as per the image on the right showing the EGPS4 Platform Step).

Product Code Platform Ht Treads Price
(ex vat)
(inc vat)
EGPS3 0.88m 3 £399.96 £479.95 Buy
EGPS4 1.16m 4 £489.13 £586.96 Buy
EGPS5 1.43m 5 £564.96 £677.95 Buy
EGPS6 1.70m 6 £602.46 £722.95 Buy
EGPS7 1.98m 7 £679.13 £814.96 Buy
EGPS8 2.26m 8 £753.29 £903.95 Buy
EGPS9 2.53m 9 £844.13 £1012.96 Buy
EGPS10 2.80m 10 £930.79 £1116.95 Buy

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