Plant, Cell & Environment 40th Anniversary Symposium


Glasgow, UK

Start Date:

Wednesday 4th September


This symposium, marking the 40th anniversary of Plant, Cell & Environment, will be a celebration of plant physiology. We offer delegates an exciting programme with an impressive line-up of speakers and tutors who will share with you their research and expertise at the forefront of modern plant physiology.


Our aim is not only to introduce a new generation of plant scientists to the breadth and importance of modern plant physiology but also to motivate scientists with a more molecular focus to embrace plant physiological techniques and put their research into context.


Several workshops will allow participants to explore popular physiological techniques (gas exchange measurements) as well as software for phenotyping (root system architecture) and modelling (guard cell models). Our tutors are experts in their fields and will be able to discuss your specific needs.


The training value of this symposium is further enhanced by science writing workshops. These small-group sessions led by experienced editors will allow you to discuss how to best organise and present your research in a paper and improve your writing skills.

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