Workshop talks now available for 'Making Data Accessible to All'

27th Jul 2012

On Thursday 12 July, GARNet and Egenis hosted the ‘Making Data Accessible to All’ Workshop at the Innovation Centre, University of Exeter. Participants discussed data donation and use, data dissemination, and means of tracking and evaluating data use, with the aim of making recommendations about data use in plant science. The slides for most of the talks are now online. 


Making Data Accessible to All: Introduction – Sabina Leonelli (Egenis, University of Exeter)

Session 1: Data donation, analysis and use

Creating, leveraging and sustaining public data (and more) with uncertain funding ­– Andrew Millar (University of Edinburgh)

Accessing and using metabolomics data – Nick Smirnoff (University of Exeter)

From bench to web, via spreadsheets: practical data sharing in research groups – Jay Moore (University of Warwick)

Sharing Data with Omero – Jacob Newman (University of East Anglia)

Session 2: Curating and publishing data

Providing more actionable data associated with articles – Mary Traynor (editor of Journal of Experimental Botany)

Connecting Scientific Articles with Research Data – Giles Jonker (Executive Publisher for Agronomy at Elsevier)

Integrating Research Data and Publications – Ruth Wilson (publisher at Nature Publishing Group)

Getting credit for all of your research – Mark Hahnel (Founder of Figshare)

What role can publishers play in managing data? – Claire Bird (Senior Publisher, Life Sciences, Oxford Journals)

Session 3: Data curation and management

NASC: Reciprocal CTRL-ALTruism – Sean May (NASC)

Data Deluge - A bioinformatics centre's perspective – David Swarbreck (The Genome Analysis Centre)

Traces of a botanical economy; on the regulation of collecting – Alan Pottage (London School of Economics)

Data sharing: a perspective from the BBSRC – Paul Burlinson (BBSRC)


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