Using GM plants to ‘grow’ medicine - Join the live Q&A

14th Feb 2013

Live #plantsci Q&A

Wednesday 20th February, 12-1pm

Plants can be modified to ‘grow’ medicines. For example, insulin can be ‘grown’ in a GM safflower plant, which would be cheaper and more efficient than current methods. These plant-made pharmaceuticals are never likely to enter the food-chain but they fall under the same EU regulations as GM crops that are grown as food. The EU GM regulatory system is lengthy and costly, making the cheaper plant-made alternative production method prohibitively expensive.

In a soon to be published paper, a comparison between the US and EU regulations surrounding plant-made pharmaceuticals is made and the authors discuss whether EU regulation hinders progress and investment into these new technologies. Sense About Science will be running a live #plantsci Q&A with the authors on Wednesday 20th February from 12-1pm UK time. You can start sending questions, concerns and ideas now, on any aspect of this, for the authors to respond to.

Questions can be sent via email to, via Twitter using #plantsci or via the Sense About Science Facebook page.

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