Talks from PlantSci 2014 now online

19th Aug 2014

Videos of talks from PlantSci 2014, which took place in York on 31 March-1 April 2014, are now online at the Journal of Experimental Botany.

Over 30 speakers and 160 attendees representing diverse areas of plant science were present at the UK Plant Sciences Federation annual conference. This year's theme for the conference was ‘Plant science – sustaining life on earth’. This topic was first introduced by the keynote speaker, Professor Tim Benton from the University of Leeds, who highlighted the essential role of plant science in helping to achieve future food security. The main talks covered a broad set of subjects, showcasing some of the best plant science research in the UK. Topics ranged from genetically engineering plants to help mop up pollutants to understanding whole species adaptations in a variety of harsh environments.

A highlight of the conference was the Panel Discussion on the Future of UK Plant Science. The Panelists – Mike Bushell, Mark Chase, Sarah Gurr, Sandy Knapp and Dale Sanders – responded to the Status Report (download the PDF here) and spoke briefly about what they felt were the most important challenges for the UK plant science community to deal with.

Many of the talks from the two-day meeting, including the keynote talk from Tim Benton and the entire panel discussion, are included in the selection of videos now available to watch online

Read a report from the conference at the UKPSF blog and on the GARNet blog.

The talks at PlantSci 2014 were recorded and shared with the support of the Journal of Experimental Botany.

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