RCUK welcomes announcement of government’s investment plans for capital and infrastructure

1st Jul 2013

RCUK has published comment on the government's capital and infrastructure investments from 2015. The announcement is below and can be seen here: www.rcuk.ac.uk/media/news/2013news/Pages/130627.aspx

Research Councils UK (RCUK) today, 27 June 2013, welcomes the further commitment that the government has given to science and research through the announcement by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, of the government's capital and infrastructure investments from 2015.

As well as the increase in the capital budget for science and research, which rises from £0.6bn in 2012/13 to £1.1bn in 2015/16 and thereafter with inflation until 2020/21, Investing in Britain's Future also sets out areas of research, aligned to the Eight Great Technologies, for potential commitment.

This investment will allow UK science and research to stay at the cutting edge of developments and ensure that the UK is a major competitor in the global race. Investment in science and research capital and infrastructure projects will be made on the basis of scientific excellence so there are no further details to announce at the current time. Additionally,Investing in Britain's Future also announces the development and upgrading of facilities at Harwell. The Research Councils will work closely with BIS and partners in putting together the investment plans in these areas, announcing further details as they become available.

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