New statements published by EPSO Agricultural Technologies working group

1st Mar 2015

The European Plant Science Federation Board decided last year to constitute a Working Group to call attention to how the science that its members are producing may have an impact on agriculture. Agriculture will have to meet important demands in the near future. The production of sufficient, safe and healthy food for an increasing human population is a huge challenge but this production also has to meet the need for a reduced impact of agriculture in a changing environment.

The Working Group assembled in the offices of the Helmholtz Association in Brussels on the 30th of October 2014. Lead by Joachim Schiemann and Jonathan Jones, a wide range of issues were discussed by the nearly 20 participants, which included representatives from the European Commission.

Following the meeting, EPSO positions and statements were published on 26th February 2015 on Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies, Plant Breeders Rights and Patent Rights, and the Member State Exemption for GMO Cultivation.

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