New open access resource for plant pest and disease management

20th Aug 2012

Plantwise has launched a new open access tool to help diagnose, track and provide management advice on plant pests and diseases. Plantwise is an initiative, led by CABI, to improve food security and the lives of the rural poor by reducing crop losses.

The Plantwise Knowledge Bank plays an integral role in linking together plant health clinics, plant health systems, research, extension and governmental bodies. The Knowledge Bank enables countries involved in running plant clinics to securely store the data collected at plant clinics. These data allow countries to analyse patterns in pests and diseases which have been detected at the clinics. This provides an ideal surveillance tool enabling in-country policy makers to keep track of and react to changes and potential threats. The Plantwise Knowledge Bank makes scientifically-based information accessible using user-friendly online tools on an open access platform. This provides additional support to plant doctors, extension workers and farmers, helping them to control pests and diseases sooner and more effectively, leading to fewer crop losses. The Knowledge Bank contains a new country interface and diagnostic tool and over 1,000 treatment factsheets with more being added each month.

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