Green space and blueberry health benefits at Science and the Parliament

12th Nov 2013

The links between green space and physical health as well as mental wellbeing and the beneficial effects of soft fruit for a healthy lifestyle will be showcased to politicians and policy makers at the annual Science and the Parliament event tomorrow.

The James Hutton Institute is one of the exhibitors at the event, organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. It is the biggest gathering of the scientific and policy making communities in Scotland.

The Institute will have two displays relating to human health and wellbeing, the theme of this year’s Science and the Parliament event.

The first is the Green Health Project, whose aim is to explore links between green space, policy and human health and wellbeing in Scotland. Four different research initiatives led by the Institute will be presented to raise awareness about the impact of green space on mortality, morbidity and stress levels in our lifestyle.

A further initiative titled “Mapping physical and visual access to green spaces” will also be part of the exhibition at the event.

As the popularity of blueberries with shoppers continues to increase, the Institute’s second display will promote the benefits of blueberries for having one of the highest antioxidant capacities among all fruits and our work on developing new varieties for the UK market.

Science and the Parliament has run since shortly after the Scottish Parliament was established. Every year it attracts over 300 delegates with over 30 organisations normally taking part in the exhibition.

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