Glover attacks ban on GM crops

28th Jul 2012

Anne Glover, the European Commission’s chief scientific advisor, has challenged countries blocking the introduction of genetically-modified crops in the EU to produce the evidence to support their concerns.

In an interview with the EurActiv news service, Glover argues that GM food carries no additional risks to human health and that it is wrong for some member states to continue bans based on the precautionary principle.

“There is no substantiated case of any adverse impact on human health, animal health or environmental health, so that’s pretty robust evidence, and I would be confident in saying that there is no more risk in eating GMO food than eating conventionally farmed food,” she said. “Most of us forget that most plants are toxic, and it’s only because we cook them, or the quantity that we eat them in, that makes them suitable,” she added.

Glover insists that policy decisions need to be based on independent scientific evidence. “I think we could really get somewhere in Europe if when evidence is used partially, there were an obligation on people to say why they have rejected evidence,” she said.


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