Chinese agriculture sows seeds with Nottingham for unique partnership

19th Feb 2014

The University of Nottingham is working with China’s leading agriculture university as its only UK strategic partner to develop joint research and study opportunities.

A senior delegation from China Agricultural University’s visited The University of Nottingham to sign a strategic partnership agreement to set up a joint research centre in areas including crop science, bioenergy, nutrition and animal science.

The University of Nottingham will build on its existing relationship with the Beijing-based institution in the field of veterinary medicine. The collaboration has already seen student and staff exchanges, joint workshops and successful joint bids for research funding.

The new strategic partnership agreement includes a series of plans:

  • Joint PhD training programme in veterinary or comparative medicine, with students spending two years in intensive research at each institution. This will lead to the award of PhD degrees from China Agricultural University and The University Of Nottingham
  • Expansion of collaborative research and short-term academic exchange of staff and students in key groups to further the research profiles and increase the joint publication output and quality of both institutions
  • Joint Research Centre of Veterinary Medicine sited at China Agricultural University, to allow scientists from both establishments to conduct synergistic and collaborative research
  • Training program on traditional Chinese veterinary medicine for Nottingham Vet School students
  • Joint undergraduate veterinary medicine programme.

Dr Richard Masterman, Director, Research and Graduate Services, University of Nottingham, said: “This is an exciting and opportune development for both universities that puts us in a strong position to tackle together major global challenges related to food security and health. Through the new Emerging Powers Fund, the UK Government has made a strong commitment to internationalisation in Higher Education and we believe our strategic partnership can be a valuable contribution to this commitment.

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