Call for BBSRC Panels and Pool of Experts

3rd Jun 2013

BBSRC is looking to appoint high-calibre, committed individuals from academic and industrial sectors to fill a number of vacancies on its Strategy Panels (Bioscience for Industry, Bioscience for Society, Bioscience Skills and Careers), Strategy Advisory Panels (Basic Bioscience Underpinning Health, Food Security), Follow-on Funding Panel and the Pool of Experts.

The Panels play leading roles in the development and implementation of the Council's strategies, policies and priorities.


Specifically, BBSRC is looking for the following expertise on its panels:


Bioscience for Industry Strategy Panel

-Expertise in agriculture

-Expertise in industrial biotechnology

-Small and medium enterprises representation from any industrial sector


Bioscience for Society Strategy Panel

-Experience in the field of bioethics, specifically in relation to issues and research relevant to BBSRC

-Experience in a senior management role at a research organisation; it would be an advantage if the research undertaken by that organisation was relevant to BBSRC's remit


Bioscience Skills and Careers Strategy Panel

-Industrial experience, preferably from the pharmaceutical sector


Basic Bioscience Underpinning Health Strategy Advisory Panel

-Vaccinology: the individual should have experience in veterinary or human vaccinology (ideally both). It would also be valuable to have expertise in the new tools and technologies that underpin vaccinology research and development

-Experience in microbiology, relevant to basic bioscience underpinning health. Experience relating to anti-microbial resistance and industrial biotechnology (ideally both) would be particularly valuable, as would be experience of research of relevance to both human and veterinary systems

-Experience of the food industry

-Experience in research on gut-microbiome interactions

-Experience in physical activity research and its influence on health across the lifecourse

-Experience of the development and application of model systems relevant to basic bioscience underpinning health

-Experience that spans several of the areas highlighted above would be particularly valuable and welcomed


Food Security Strategy Advisory Panel

-Individuals in the scientific or research-user communities who have relevant expertise in the areas of (i) soils/agricultural systems or (ii) animal health/production


Follow-on Funding Panel

-Tools and devices


The Pool of experts plays a key role in delivering BBSRC's mission by carrying out peer review of research grant proposals and the awarding of studentships and fellowships.


For more information and deatils of how to apply, visit the BBSRC wesbite.

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