BBSRC will launch two new schemes for industrial biotechnology research and application

14th Dec 2012

BBSRC has announced outline plans to launch two new schemes in 2013 and 2014 to develop the UK's industrial biotechnology and bioenergy research community (including bioprocessing and biorenewables) and to support the translation of new ideas into commercial applications. 

Full details of the new schemes will be launched in January. They will form the central part of BBSRC's mecahnisms of meeting its Strategic Research Priority 2: Bioenergy and Industrial Biotechnology

The first scheme will support networks of industrial biotechnology and bioenergy researchers and encourage interaction with private enterprise to generate new research ideas and technologies. The second scheme, with a first call anticipated in early 2014, will be a research fund to support significant projects that aim to meet major challenges in the industrial biotechnology sector.

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