Who's who in the plant science world?

PlantSci is full to the brim with useful information but to ensure you get the most from it you must be registered.

Registering as a user of PlantSci will allow you to add yourself to our growing directory of UK plant scientists and become featured in Find a Scientist. In addition to providing your name and research interests why not showcase your latest findings by adding in a recent presentation, a PDF of your latest paper if it is published under open access or creative commons license, or alternatively you can provide the URL to the journal in research related links. Perhaps you are not a researcher but involved in plant science education, communication or policy, or maybe you are a plant breeder or a farmer. Whatever your interest in plant science, we would be very happy for you to register and add your details to the directory.

Once you have logged in you can also help to promote your community by adding in events it is hosting. Perhaps you have heard about some outstanding discovery that will change life as we know it; please share it with others by adding a news story.

PlantSci is a community website and we need your help and support to help it grow and flourish. So register today and tell your friends and colleagues about this unique resource. You can also join in with plant science conversations on our LinkedIn group and even follow us on twitter!


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